Madrid Longboard Dream 39 Bird Modell 2014

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Is this really happening? Or is it a Dream? With this rockered, W-concaved, product of your subconscious, you might as well be dreaming. Float sideways, or glide effortlessly downhill on this symmetrical design. Available in topmount and drop-thru designs, the Dream is ready to test the extent of your consciousness. Time to wake up and live the Dream. 


Madrid Carving Series 
Whether you’re headed to class, the corner store, your friend’s BBQ, or just trying to get outside, the Madrid Carving series will make your trip a blast. Created with maximum turning in mind, these boards can fit large wheels to keep you carving and cruising over even the roughest pavement. With cambered boards for that ‘bouncy’ feeling, rockered boards for controlled carving, and kicktails to conquer curbs and cracks, the Madrid Carving Series has something for everyone looking to enjoy the ride and get there in style.


Length: 39"
Width: 9.625"
Wheelbase: 30.125"
Trucks: X-Caliber 180 Raw or Paris 180mm Raw
Wheels: Red Classic Two or White 70mm Cruisers
Bearings: Precision Steel or Cadillac 5.0 High Performance
Griptape: Flypaper Griptape

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